Fact-finding mission in Libya says budget crisis hindering its work

Fact-finding mission in Libya says budget crisis hindering its work

October 05, 2020 - 19:38
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The United Nations Fact-finding mission said its work has been hindered by the late funds needed to operate, citing funds' crisis at the UN.

The Head of the mission, Mohammed Aujjar from Morocco, said delayed funding hampered outlining the operations for the mission to work on once sent to Libya.

He added that the freezing of appointment of mission members due to lack of money doesn't go with expected facilitation of the mission's work as it expected appointing forensic and transition experts among other expertise.

Aujjar said the timeline set for the mission is challenging as the ironic issue is that it is supposed to report to the Security Council in next March while it was only mandated in June, in a decision that sees the mission spend a year in Libya, adding that with the delay, the reports won't help and that they are considering rescheduling the operations of the mission.

"The Security Council will send letters to the families of victims to inform them that despite delay, the international community won't let them down." He added.

The mission of three experts was mandated in last August by the High Commissioner for Human Rights to document violations of human rights and war crimes.