ESCWA unveils "Vision For Libya" project

ESCWA unveils "Vision For Libya" project

October 04, 2021 - 12:27
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) said Saturday it had developed a vision aimed at bringing about a comprehensive stable development for Libya and to prevent the country from relapsing into conflict once again.

ESCWA said its vision entitled "Vision for Libya: Towards Prosperity, Justice and Strong State Institutions" provides informed options for strategic policies to help the country shift from the logic of rent-seeking and exploitation to a State of institutions.

It emphasized that the vision is the most comprehensive and profound document in terms of dealing with the economic, social, and institutional policies necessary to chart the future course of Libya.

The recent (ESCWA) study revealed that bringing peace to Libya will provide opportunities and economic gains for Libya’s main trading partners.

The study stated that peace in Libya will bring gains to Italy worth $13 billion, Germany about $7.5 billion, France $6 billion, and Turkey by $5.5 billion. It will also contribute to reducing unemployment in Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, according to ESCWA.

Addressing the economic situation, the study unveils that the country's losses from wars since 2011 reached 783 billion LYD, estimated at $580 billion, indicating that these figures may rise to 628.2 billion LYD, $465 billion, by 2025 if the conflict, political and societal instability continues.

ESCWA said its vision was developed within a human rights framework that guarantees the preservation of a united Libya, respect of cultural diversity and promoting balanced decentralization.

The vision also seeks to take advantage of the human capital and the natural resources to build institutions capable of managing the development process and to achieve sustainable growth and well-being of citizens, according to the statement.