Electricity workers in Sabha on strike

Electricity workers in Sabha on strike

January 25, 2021 - 11:07
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Electricity workers in Sabha in all departments, including maintenance teams, went on strike on Sunday, as the company failed to pay their salaries for more than two years, while officials ignored their demands, according to their statement.

The employees stated their demands in a protest organized by the Libyan Electricity Workers Union in Sabha.

"We are compelled to stop working in all departments and we will take further steps gradually," the strikers warned.

The protesters accused the officials of the national electricity company of ignoring their demands that they presented in several correspondences, statements, and protests in all regions of the south over the payment of their late financial dues from 2017 to 2020.

The statement emphasized that there is no legal ground for preventing the payment of their late salaries, holding the General Electricity Company Of Libya accountable for the legal, moral and humanitarian harm, besides the consequent damages to citizens by bringing the southern region into complete darkness.