El Sonni says Haftar's conditions to reopen oil ports reveal his foreign agenda

El Sonni says Haftar's conditions to reopen oil ports reveal his foreign agenda

July 14, 2020 - 11:41
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni. UN TV

The Libyan ambassador to the UN, Taher El Sonni, said Khalifa Haftar’s conditions for reopening oil ports and fields show that he is executing foreign agenda in Libya.

El Sonni told US-based Alhurra TV on Sunday that Libya had been suffering from foreign intervention since 201, adding that the way the international community handled Libya had opened doors for a proxy war over the years.

El Sonni said the support of certain countries to Haftar was meant to make Arab nationals feel remorse for their calls for peaceful transition of power as those countries fear for their "thrones".

"We understand that Egypt has the national security issue in sight and it is a Libyan national security issue as well, however; the way to handle this isn't through backing up a war on the borders." He explained.

El Sonni also said that Turkey's cooperation with the GNA is a way for the government to defend itself against military coups, adding that Haftar is a war criminal and has no future in Libya's political solution as it would be impossible to share power with dictatorship advocates who call for seizing power by foece.

"In the east, there are so many national elites who may not see eye to eye with the GNA on many issues but still, the GNA extends arms to them for dialogue to end the crisis." El Sonni added.

Haftar's spokesman conditioned reopening oil fields and ports to depositing revenues of exports at a new foreign bank account not at the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli.

The NOC, however; explained that those conditions were the instructions of the UAE to Haftar in order to keep Libya's oil production shut, while the US embassy in Libya said those who undemine Libyan economy and cling to military escalation will risk isolation and sanctions.