Egyptian warplanes attack Derna once again

Egyptian warplanes attack Derna once again

May 29, 2017 - 17:02
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Egyptian fighter jets carried out Monday airstrikes on Derna city for the second time in three days, targeting civilian locations in a residential area.

The Egyptian air attack also targeted engineers' residential compound of the General Electricity Company and Derna steam power plant as well as the distillation station.

Residents of the targeted locations were left in extreme panic due to the Egyptian air raids.

Daher Al-Hamar, Derna Scouts piece of land, and private farms for Derna residents in Al-Fatayeh were also targeted by the airstrikes, leaving great material damage, but no human loss.

Members of the House of Representatives in Toburk - those who are pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) - have issued a statement condemning the flagrant Egyptian attacks and the violation of Libya's sovereignty without proving the prompt of their actions or giving evidence for the accusations of Libyan parties being involved in Minya attack.

"We warn Egypt of ever daring to strike Libya again as Libya is a sovereign state as per the international laws and conventions, and we warn that any attack across Libya will be treated by force and firmness." Pro-LPA HoR members said.

The statement highlights the odd equation used by Egypt choosing to strike Derna, which fought IS and eradicated it, despite the fact that IS claimed the Minya attack on the Copts.

"Presidential Council must protest the Egyptian attacks at the UN Security Council. Libya is a victim of terrorism not a source. A huge number of foreign terrorists in Libya are Egyptians, so Egypt must stop exporting terrorists to Libya." the statement remarks.

The statement went further to demand withdrawing all Libyan diplomats from the Libyan Embassy in Cairo to reassess the relations with the country and whether it is still in support for the LPA and its government.

Over the last three days, Egypt's warplanes have air attacked Derna and Jufra cities amid warm welcomes extended by eastern government authorities and utter rejection by western ones.