Egypt hosts UAE-sponsored meetings with Haftar, Sirraj and Saleh to uproot revolutionaries from Benghazi

Egypt hosts UAE-sponsored meetings with Haftar, Sirraj and Saleh to uproot revolutionaries from Benghazi

August 11, 2016 - 15:36
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Top secret meetings took place on July 26-27 in Cairo, Egypt, between a number of Egyptian officials and Libyan ones in the presence of UAE delegates, aiming at assessing the UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council and Khalifa Haftar forces’ might in the fight against Benghazi revolutionaries, the Huffington Post Arabic reported.

Khlifa Haftar, Fayez Al-Sirraj, Aqilah Saleh, Mihdi Al-Barghathi, Mousa Al-Kouni, and Fathi Al-Mijibri were all attending in the meetings, according to the Huffington Post Arabic.

Well-confirmed sources told the Huffing Post Arabic that the Egyptian and UAE officials proposed a deadline for Haftar, no more than a month, to end the war in Benghazi and completely eradicate Benghazi Shura Council fighters and Defend Benghazi Brigades, which are both against him and his Dignity Operation militias.

“The deadline came out of the burden Haftar has been putting for his sponsoring courtiers – Egypt, France and the UAE – knowing that such a support is a blatant violation of international laws” The website indicated.

The sources also added that the Egyptian and UAE officials proposed to Fayez Al-Sirraj, the Head of the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government, to make a reformation of members by kicking out Abdelsalam Kajman, Mohammed Al-Emmari, and Ahmed Mitig and replacing them with others.

The Egyptian officials suggested Fawzi Abdel Aal, whom the Egyptian intelligence thinks is very fit for fighting off the revolutionaries and undermining the Head of the High Council of State Abdul-Rahman Swaihli, whom the sources said is part of the revolution party, besides supporting Mihdi Al-Barghathi, Presidential Council’s defense Minister, in his fight against what the UAE and Egypt called “the Islamists”, who are in fact Benghazi Shura Council and Defend Benghazi Brigades’ fighters.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry commented on the meetings saying they come as part of the efforts it is making to build bridges between the UN-proposed Presidential Council, headed by Fayez Al-Sirraj, and the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, headed by Aqilah Saleh, who has not yet agreed to endorse the UN-proposed government.