Efforts to release Misrata's kidnapped MP failed

Efforts to release Misrata's kidnapped MP failed

January 29, 2016 - 19:18
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Endeavours to release Misrata's kidnapped MP Mohammed Al-Raeid from his Tobruk cell have been failed, Tobruk Parliament member Mosbah Awhaida has declared.

Awhaida confirmed that Tobruk elders failed to reach a compromise with the well-known kidnappers who clung to their precondition in order to set Al-Raeid free.

A militia group headed and funded by a local businessman man called Ibrahim Alerj demanded that two prisoners in Misrata, including Alerj's brother, must be freed first in exchange of Al-Raeid’s release. The two prisoners are serving a prison sentence after they pleaded guilty to criminal and corruption charges.

Press Solidarity reported that Tobruk elders were denied access to Al-Raeid's cell and it was not possible for them to know his health condition or the way he is being treated by his captors.

Reports from the city also claimed that military commanders from Dignity Operation had questioned Al-Raeid about topics related to Libya Dawn Operation and its allies. 

Mohammed Al-Raeid was abducted on Wednesday while on his way to the airport.