Dignity Operation: Presence of ISIS in Sirte was drama

Dignity Operation: Presence of ISIS in Sirte was drama

December 27, 2016 - 19:55
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Chief of staff of Dignity Operation militia groups Abdul-Razzaq Nadouri has denied the previous control of ISIS group of Libya's Sirte, indicating the presence of the radical group in the coastal city was drama.

Furious over the victory of Misrata-led forces in Sirte, he said in a televised interview "the presence of ISIS in Sirte was similar to the drama of hijacking Afriqiyah plane in Malta."

"In fact, there was no ISIS group in Sirte," he told UAE-funded Libya Channel.

He claimed that all Misrata forces had left Sirte and handed it over to Ansar Sharia group, which is in full control of the city now, according to him.

He also accused member of UN-installed Presidency Council Ahmed Mitig of deliberately destroying Sirte in order to guarantee reconstruction projects.

Nadouri's bizarre denial contradicts with the previous statements of Dignity Operation. Last month, the spokesperson of Dignity Operation Ahmed Al-Mismari told Egypt's Youm 7 newspaper that Misrata-led forces had failed to achieve tangible results in Sirte and urged them to pull out of the city and leave it for Dignity Operation forces to kick ISIS out.

In April, Khalifa Haftar-led Operation  announced Alkarzabih 2 to liberate Sirte from ISIS, but the announcement was much ado about nothing. A month later, Misrata-led forces intervened and eliminated ISIS from Sirte in just 7 months.