Derna Shura v ISIS

Derna Shura v ISIS

March 28, 2016 - 12:48
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Exclusive pictures from Al-Fatayah mountains in Derna where war against ISIS militants rages 

A Derna Shura Council fighter with a machine gun takes shelter behind rocks as council fighters advance in Al-Fatayah

A Derna Shura Council fighter reads the Quran as he takes a rest from the fighting against ISIS

A Derna Shura Council sniper behind sandbags as sun sets in Al-Fatayah region

Two Derna Shura fighters prepare to fire a mortar at ISIS hideouts in Al-Fatayah

Two Derna Shura fighters with a machine gun and Kalashnikov walk to the frontline in Al-Fatayah

A pick-up truck with a mounted heavy machine gun

A Derna Shura Council fighter drives a truck in Al-Fatayah as he gives logistic support to his fellow fighters