Death threats sent to fuel and gas crisis committee members

Death threats sent to fuel and gas crisis committee members

April 03, 2017 - 23:23
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The fuel and gas crisis committee of Brega Oil and Gas Company has disclosed that its members have constantly received death threats by some Libyan nationals, who were directly affected by cracking down on fuel smuggling.

On its Facebook page, the committee confirmed that such threats will never stand in the way of pursuing its work of stopping fuel smuggling from Libya to other countries, adding that the committee members are keen on getting the mission done.

On Saturday, several Tunisian nationals closed the roads at the Dehiba border with Libya, preventing Libyans from entering Tunisia via the Dehiba-Wazin border crossing, citing outrage over the fuel and gas committee's crackdown on fuel smuggling to Tunisia.

Smuggled fuel from Libya to Tunisia is one of the most important income sources for Tunisian southerners.

The Head of the Libyan side of Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia, Mohammed Jarrafa, said that the border's crossing movement is normal and the security is in place as there no signs of chaos from either side.

"The border crossing is open and people are frequenting the crossing from both sides as usual." Jarrafa added.

The fuel and gas crisis committee has been tightening its grip on fuel smuggling in Nalut for weeks leading to shutting down filling stations, whose owners are storing fuel to be smuggled later to Tunisia.

According to the committee, some of those smugglers had to sell the fuel on roadsides after their attempts to smuggle the fuel were faced by tough restrictions by the fuel and gas crisis committee.