Benghazi Shura Council says it is not IS nor Al-Qaeda

Benghazi Shura Council says it is not IS nor Al-Qaeda

December 31, 2016 - 19:16
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Benghazi Shura Council (BSC) denied any ties whatsoever with any political party or entity inside and outside Libya with no exceptions.

In a statement dubbed “Hear from us, don’t hear about us” on Friday, the Benghazi Shura Council said they had no ties nor links to IS, Muslim Brotherhood Group, Al-Qaeda, and the Libyan Fighting Group as well as others, adding that it remains unassociated with any of the political and regional conflicts, which have so far wrecked the country’s stability and plunged it into chaos.

The BSC said that there is a desperate campaign by the “enemies of the revolution” with the aims of dragging the country backwards and toss it under the military and tyranny rule, pointing out that those enemies are supported by a massive media coverage from the region and overseas.

“Attacking the Benghazi revolutionaries’ camp in Tamina district in eastern Misrata and the shutdown of Misrata port are part and partial of the desperate campaign, which wants to terminate all of the honest revolutionary fighters.” The statement reads.

The BSC accused Misrata Municipality, the UN-proposed government and what it called “Madakhla” of closing in on the Benghazi revolutionaries and pressing them into revealing some information to please certain parties, without naming those parties.

“This statement wasn’t issued to enlist empathy or sympathy, but it was issued to soothe the wounds and the pain of our fellow residents and to deny all of the rumors about our youth.” The statement concludes.