"Begone": Libyan movement against nomination of current officials to new privileges

"Begone": Libyan movement against nomination of current officials to new privileges

October 09, 2017 - 22:19
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Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

"Akhtona" translated into "Begone" is a new youths movement that aims at discouraging any nominations of the current officials and politicians who failed in their jobs over the years to any upcoming privileges, said Ahmed Al-Sharkasi, one of the movement's founders.

"Akhtona (Begone) is a colloquial word that is intelligible to everyone in Libya and that is why we chose it." Al-Sharkasi said in a statement reported by Bawabat Al-Wasat.

He also indicated that their movement rejects irresponsibility and protraction as well as hindering the progress of the political track, saying the movement is a local campaign that demands decisions aimed at achieving a political breakthrough as per an agreed-upon timeline and strategy.

"No names from the current political bodies and official institutions should be allowed to be nominated, and no more protraction as done now by the dialogue teams and some other parties that are impeding the implementation of the political agreement." Al-Sharkasi added.

He also explained that they want to press dialogue teams to carry on with the UN action plan as per the time assigned to it, reviving at the same time the responsibility of taking the initiative by the Libyan people in public squares in a way that doesn't do harm to the country.

He added that several Libyan districts joined the movement including Ubari and southern youths as well as Benghazi, Tripoli and other cities nationwide.