Bakers Syndicate: The "fabricated" flour crisis must be stopped

Bakers Syndicate: The "fabricated" flour crisis must be stopped

February 28, 2022 - 22:14
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The flour crisis has been created by "crisis traders" and mill owners who have been doing this for years, the head of the Bakers’ Syndicate, Abu Khurais Muhammad has said.

In a press statement, he said the government is not doing enough to solve this problem that affects the daily life of citizens, highlighting that the wheat reserves are sufficient for at least three months.

Abu Khurais hinted at a deal between the mill owners and flour traders to set up this crisis for their interests, calling on the authorities to take control of the wheat stock in the mills and close all shops that carried out speculation on the flour market.

The Bakers Syndicate had confirmed that only ten mills out of the 67 in Libya are functioning, three of them are in the eastern region, while there are zero mills in the south.

The Ministry of Economy had suspended a decision to determine the weight and price of a loaf of bread until establishing a mechanism to stabilize the local market in the coming period, the Bakers Syndicate said.