Al-Sunni to the UN Security Council: We will not repeat past mistakes

Al-Sunni to the UN Security Council: We will not repeat past mistakes

September 03, 2020 - 17:16
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Libya's Permanent Representative to the UN, Taher Al-Sunni reiterated on Wednesday that the Government of National Accord (GNA) will not repeat past mistakes.

"The Libyan army is fully prepared to deal with any treachery in the absence of guarantees to implement the ceasefire or prevent another aggression," Al-Sunni told UN Security Council members via video-teleconference yesterday.

Al-Sunni called the Security Council to show seriousness in implementing its decisions, activating the cease-fire, and to formally obligate the other party to do so.

"The Security Council must assume its responsibilities to punish and hold accountable those who obstruct the ceasefire."

He also stressed in this regard that achieving an actual ceasefire and making it successful, requires that the Sirte and Jufra regions become demilitarized, and the mercenaries to be evacuated.

Speaking on the oil crisis, Al-Sunni expressed that "sovereignty must be restored and the ports and oil fields must reopen immediately," as it has become evident that the closing of Libya's oil facilities came at the behest of external players."

"Stop tampering with the livelihood of Libyans," said Al-Sunni, indicating that Libya's oil shutdown losses have reached USD 9 billion to date, not to mention the massive damage to the infrastructure of oil installations and facilities, as he put it.

Al-Sunni raised questions about the feasibility of the 5 + 5 talks since Haftar has not declared his commitment to the agreement.

"Who will ensure that the cease-fire will be respected or there will be no other aggression just like what happened last year before the Ghadames Conference," he questioned.

"We have done our part, and now it’s time for you to take action," he told the Council members.

"Many delegations called in their statements today for the need to resume 5 + 5 talks, restart oil production, respect the ceasefire, and stop human rights violations, but we have not heard what you will do in this regard or how will you punish those who violate the UN resolutions."

He drew attention to the lack of response from Haftar's camp, indicating that instead, the other party continued to make hostile statements and even exceeded that by violating the ceasefire.

"During the last 72 hours our forces were targeted with Grad missiles by the support of mercenaries," Al-Sunni noted.

Al-Sunni pointed out that the GNA's commitment to a ceasefire is to give a chance for peaceful solutions, but insisted that his government has the right to self-defense against any attack or threat, and will respond at the appropriate time and place, as he put it.

Al-Sunni also emphasized the need to urgently appoint a UN envoy and for the Council to reach a consensus on this issue, accusing some parties which he did not mention of exploiting this issue to thwart the international efforts.

"The GNA has no objection to the proposals presented to appoint a special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya."

He also underscored that the GNA will not stand idly by, in front of the "previous barbaric acts" of Haftar's militias, including the arresting of several citizens from the Qadhadfa tribe in Sirte, as well as the violations committed by the so-called "Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade" affiliated with Haftar's militias with the help of mercenaries, who have reportedly infringed the inviolability of homes, intimidated children and women, and killed a young man of the Qadhadfa tribe, according to Al-Sunni.