Al-Sirraj appoints military officers to end Libyan capital’s clashes

Al-Sirraj appoints military officers to end Libyan capital’s clashes

August 30, 2018 - 19:06
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj appointed the commanders of central and western military zones Mohammed Al-Haddad and Osama Al-Juwaili respectively to oversee the ceasefire in southern Tripoli along with making sure the vehicles are withdrawn and all military locations are handed over to the official forces in the area.

The two commanders were given a month to return all forces to their locations and to secure the districts for the safety of the residents, reiterating the rejection of the clashes that put the civilian lives at risk.

“We are with the dialogue and against force under any circumstances.” The Presidential Council (PC) said in statement.

Late on Wednesday, a ceasefire was reached between the two warring sides and a neutral force was appointed by the central and western military zones to oversee the holding of the truce till both sides pull out from newly-seized locations.

Tripoli Elders Council decried in a statement the reaction of the PC to the violence in the capital, saying it bears the responsibility for the fighting and the panic caused among the residents.

“The failure of the PC in placing good security strategies and plans in Tripoli caused such clashes and violence. Despite all support the PC has been receiving, the economic conditions are deteriorating and the political scene is still unstable.”

80 pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) Tobruk parliament’s members have spoken their breakup with the Presidential Council (PC) on Wednesday.

The MPs called for reshuffling the executive authority so the PC becomes of one president and two deputies, besides a prime minister that should form a national unity government that gets endorsed by Tobruk House of Representatives.