Al-Sheh: Three HoR dialogue committee members demanded constitution-vouched post for Haftar

Al-Sheh: Three HoR dialogue committee members demanded constitution-vouched post for Haftar

October 25, 2017 - 21:19
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The advisor of the dialogue committee of the High Council of State (HCS) in Tunisia talks, Ashraf Al-Sheh, said they provided moderate forms for the amendments needed to be done to the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) in the second round in Tunis.

Al-Sheh told the Italian news agency Aki on Monday that three of the House of Representatives (HoR) dialogue committee members rejected the HCS's forms and demanded a constitution-guaranteed post for Khalifa Haftar in the Libyan upcoming government, which took the talks back to the drawing board, he remarked.

Two days of suspension of talks by the HoR members delayed the progress of the negotiations as they protested what they described as "unclarity" of the HCS's demands, then resumed after they conditioned it to receiving written ideas and forms of amendments by the HCS.

The HCS said the HoR committee is the one hindering the talks, adding that they did not present any written forms of amendments proposals, whereas other sources said that several HoR members insisted to remove Article 08 of the additional provisions in order to approve the amendments.

Meanwhile, Eissa Al-Aribi - a member at the HoR committee - said Wednesday that the members of the Justice and Construction Party (Political Arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya) must be dismissed from the HCS's committee in order to reach consensus, adding that they are trying to fail the talks as they are clinging to leaving Article 08 intact and demanding voting - like the HoR - for the selection of the new Presidential Council.

Pro-Haftar HoR members have announced time and time again their utter rejection to the LPA as it shelves Haftar, whom they tried more than once to include in any sort of future common ground agreement, while at the same time the HCS remains in strong refusal to make any concessions in that regard, leaving the talks option dangling not knowing to which party it should swing.