Al-Lafi unveils initiative to address voting laws bottlenecks

Al-Lafi unveils initiative to address voting laws bottlenecks

November 02, 2021 - 13:06
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Vice-President of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi has reiterated the council's respect for the Political Dialogue Forum road map, including adhering to the electoral timetable, thus achieving the aspirations of Libyans to hand over the leadership of the country to an agreed-upon elected president through the ballot boxes.

Al-Lafi provided during a press conference Monday clarifications about the initiative he launched to address the political impasse as the clock to the December elections ticks down.

Given the uncertainty looming over the voting laws, Al-Lafi said his initiative aimed to secure the presidential and parliamentary elections and ensure their success.

The election laws and amendments issued by the legislative authority represented by the Tobruk-based Parliament were rejected by the advisory power exercised by the High Council of State (HCS). Al-Lafi says that passing the electoral laws without consensus is a violation of the integrity of procedures.

"The initiative does not obstruct the holding of the elections or the work of the High National Elections Commission, which announced its readiness to organize them in the best conditions, Al-Lafi said."

He called on all players to make these national elections successful and accept their results, insisting that the electoral process should not hinge on unilateral decisions.