Al-Lafi: PC may intervene to hold elections

Al-Lafi: PC may intervene to hold elections

April 12, 2022 - 13:18
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Member of the Presidential Council (PC), Abdullah Al-Lafi, has reiterated the council's commitment to hold the elections according to a consensual constitutional basis.

At a meeting with the Municipal Council of Souq al Jum'aa, its mayor, and notables of the city on Monday, Al-Lafi said the PC could intervene to hold the elections.

The elections will ensure the stability and unity of the country and achieve the desired goal of the Libyan people, he added.

During the meeting, Al-Lafi discussed political developments, obstacles that led to the postponement of the December 24 elections last year, and the national reconciliation project.

The PC media office said that Al-Lafi briefed the attendees on the PC's efforts regarding the reconciliation project and stressed that the council would press on towards this goal.