Al-Hilah axis commander assures downing of Hafter forces’ warplane

Al-Hilah axis commander assures downing of Hafter forces’ warplane

February 08, 2016 - 21:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A fighter plane from Khalifa Hafter’s air force was downed in Sidi Khalid area, 35 to the west of Derna city, while its pilot, Younis Al-Dinali, has made it alive.

Al-Hilah axis commander, Muftah Hamza, said Monday that the warplane (MIG-23) that is part of Hafter’s air force had taken off from Labrag airbase.

“The warplane was hovering above Al-Fatayeh area and then it shelled 400 neighborhood randomly, which seems to be a coverage for the UAE’s bombing that targeted civilians in Derna Sunday.” Hamza explained.

He also added that the fighter aircraft has also haphazardly bombarded Monday morning Al-Hajjaj area, underling that if Hafter actually wanted to target IS/Daesh , they should have coordinated with his forces in Derna as they better know their hideouts in the city.

Meanwhile, The Libya Observer received information from a private source saying that Hafter forces' warplane was downed while it was hovering above Sidi Khalid area, western Derna.

Furthermore, media outlets affiliated with Dignity Operation reported confirmation of the air force General Staff of Khalifa Hafter that the fighter aircraft was targeted by Derna Shura Council forces earlier Monday.

On Sunday dawn, an unidentified plane bombed Derna city causing civilian causalities besides tremendous material damage in the kidney diseases center and a nearby mosque.