Al-Ghawiel to Leon: Don't overstep your bounds

Al-Ghawiel to Leon: Don't overstep your bounds

September 16, 2015 - 22:03
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Prime Minister of Salvation Government has urged the head of UNSMIL not to exceed the specified tasks entrusted to him which are only limited to supervising the negotiations between the conflicting parties in Libya, according to him.

Khalifa Al-Ghawiel said in a press conference on Tuesday that Leon and those unauthorized reckless people going around him have become part of the Libyan problem.

"All their unwise and illegitimate suspicious meetings outside the Libyan sovereign authorities represented by the GNC and the NSG contributed to the split of the Libyan unity within the same city and as well deepened the differences." He explained.

 Al-Ghawiel also warned during his presser about attacking state institutions, confirming that his government would hit with an iron fist those who undermine state security and stability.

"Any attempt to take control of state institutions would be considered as an extension of coup attempts against the constitutional declaration and the revolution of February 17." He warned.

Al-Ghawiel declared that armed brigades are not allowed to move inside the cities unless per orders from the Supreme Commander of the Army, Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff, adding that any military meetings outside legitimacy are deemed illegal acts and will duly subject all participants therein to severe legal punishments.