Al-Darsa youth demand eastern authorities to release two police officers

Al-Darsa youth demand eastern authorities to release two police officers

July 20, 2020 - 14:23
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A group of young men from Al-Darsa tribe who call themselves "The Youth League of Al-Darsa Tribe" gave the authorities in the eastern region 48 hours to release two police officers belonging to the tribe, who was arrested a few days ago.

This came during a video statement released by this group that was recorded at the "Batta" area located on the coastal road linking the cities of Al-Marj and Al-Bayda, during which they threatened to escalate the situation and block the main roads until their demands are met.

The protesters accused the security services of the eastern authorities of arresting the two officers, after appearing in a video clip in which they expressed their distress at the deplorable living conditions in the eastern region, including the delays in the payment of salaries and the lack of cash.

Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Daghari al-Darsi and his colleague Lt. Col. Abd al-Salam al-Ubaidi, both of whom work as police officers, filmed themselves while working as builders under an Egyptian contractor.

The officers spoke bitterly about their struggle to make ends meet amid the harsh living conditions, explaining they are forced to seek other side incomes to support their families, which sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms.

Local sources said that the two officers are being held at the Kuwaifiyah prison, but their fate has not been ascertained yet.