7 killed in an IS attack on May 28 Brigade in Bani Waleed

7 killed in an IS attack on May 28 Brigade in Bani Waleed

April 13, 2016 - 19:14
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Seven men were killed and two injured in an attack by IS militants Tuesday night on May 28 Brigade, which is part of Bani Waleed military council, said a source from the brigade.

The source added that a senior leader in the brigade who was formerly the Head of Bani Waleed military council, Fathi Zelli, was among the deaths besides three brigade fighters, and three foreign workers, who were doing some service works in the brigade at the time of the attack.

“The two injuries are very serious, one of them had his leg amputated.” The source indicated.

The Director of Bani Waleed hospital, Mohammed Al-Mabrouk, confirmed also that the hospital received four dead bodies Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, IS militants had put their hands on five armed vehicles and set fire to the ammunition storage in the brigade before they left the attack spot.

On Wednesday morning, one person was killed and four wounded in an IS car-bomb on Al-Sadadah checkpoint northern Misrata.


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