7 dead in alleged US airstrikes on houses in Gardah town

7 dead in alleged US airstrikes on houses in Gardah town

November 15, 2016 - 15:05
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Gardah Municipal Council said Monday US airstrikes had struck houses in the town killing at least 7 people.

Mayor Hassan Maatouk said the Monday night airstrikes caused panic among the locals and destroyed more than 10 houses leaving more than 40 people wounded. He  described the humanitarian situation in the town as desperate.   

"The airstrikes left the residents no choice but to sleep with no shelter and that the injured received medical treatment 30 kms away in Barak Al-Shatee region." He added.

Elaborating on the humanitarian situation, he pointed to the dilapidated health facilities and the acute shortage of medical staff and supplies in his town.

Mayor Maatouk did not comment on the identity of the victims, but local sources indicated that the airstrikes had targeted civilians' houses and a house where Abu Talha Al-Hasnawi, an alleged Al-Qaeda member, was staying. The sources said he is still alive and suffers from minor wounds.

Gardah is a town in Wadi al Shatii region in central-west of Libya.