500,000 IDPs are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, Libyan Red Crescent says

500,000 IDPs are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, Libyan Red Crescent says

February 20, 2016 - 19:48
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Libyan Red Crescent (LRC) has issued an urgent call for help to deal with the high number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the country, saying it is exerting massive efforts to provide them with the necessaries.

In a statement on Thursday, the LRC clarified that its concern has grown over the crisis that the Libyan displaced families are plunged into even though LRC is doubling up its efforts on daily basis to reach those in need for help the most amid the continued armed clashes and crippling lack of financial aids. It also called on international humanitarian organizations to give assistance.

 “Everyday life gets more difficult among thousands of displaced families and adds to their pain, especially with the complex circumstances that prevailed in the country of a lack of liquidity in banks, the continuing rise in rent prices and commodity prices, frequent blackouts, fuel shortages, and poor health care services, which all added another nail in the IDPs’ coffin.” The statement expressed.

The LRC added that civil society organizations are almost the only ones present in the field across Libya, and thus they are in close contact with the displaced trying hard to fulfil the growing needs of the vulnerable populations, which made it earn the trust and respect of the community.

"The situation is catastrophic and is deteriorating day by day because, according to our reliable statistics, there are more than 500,000 IDPs in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, spread in 40 Libyan cities.” Said Omar Ajouda the Secretary General of the Libyan Red Crescent, adding that international organizations’ aid is extremely limited and insufficient as they lack seriousness in providing humanitarian assistance.

Ajouda stressed that the LRC will not abandon the IDPs as per the humanitarian commitment the LRC works upon, and called on civil societies and humanitarian organizations to necessarily provide assistance for the displaced in Libya, according to their needs, not the needs Imposed by some international organizations.

The LRC highlighted that it is a humanitarian organization with more than four thousand volunteers operating on the ground with huge commitment and dedication within local communities all over Libya, and thus, it has never ceased work despite the challenges it is facing, stressing that it will stay committed to the principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.