TV presenter sacked by pro-Haftar channel for "crossing red lines"

TV presenter sacked by pro-Haftar channel for "crossing red lines"

February 23, 2020 - 13:08
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

TV presenter, Fatima Mirimi

TV presenter, Fatima Mirimi has been sacked by pro-Haftar "Libya TV" channel, after asking an official at the east-based interim government a straightforward question about a considerable sum of money allocated for a government-planned project.

The TV presenter questioned in her program a decree issued by the interim government to fund a training project set by the "Leadership Training Centre" owned by power players in Al-Thini's government.

In a video clip on her Facebook page, she explained that she was fired by a telephone call outside the established procedures.

"The boss told me don't show me your face again" Mirimi claimed.

"I was told that I have put the guest in a very uncomfortable position and made him angry," she added, quoting her boss as saying "It is not your job to interrogate him".

Mirimi explained that she was only passing the viewers’ questions who are eager to know where all these sums go, as they have not been translated into reality on the ground.

Since the takeover of Benghazi by Haftar's militias, the new authorities have waged war on media and press, harassing, arresting and even torturing and killing journalists, the same is happening in Sirte now after its fall in Haftar's hands, as the local radio station in Sirte was burned to the ground just days after the city was seized.