Sounds of power generators give Tripoli residents sleepless nights

Sounds of power generators give Tripoli residents sleepless nights

July 14, 2016 - 23:15
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Written By: Abed

Tripoli: A city of two crises - cash & electricity 

The Libyan capital, Tripoli, has been plunged into a dire crisis of power outage that reached over 10 hours a day, leaving people in utter wrath at the living conditions they are leading since such a dilemma is coupled with the alternative source of power, the generators along with their raucous sleep-scattering sounds.

Everywhere you go in the capital, you can hear those generators loud and clear, and even raucous, you smell the fuel scent that is resultant from the fuel being burnt in order to keep the life and work of the capital’s residents going.

The growing use of power generators comes as the capital is plunged into total darkness at night and a boiling heat in the afternoon due to power outages and loads shedding strategies adopted by the General Electricity Company (GEC), by which Tripoli goes through more than 10 hours of power cuts in different times of the day and night.

The long hours of power outage come due to the unfair distribution of load shedding by the GEC since some cities in the western region have not experienced a single hour of power outage yet until today. Even worse, some areas in the capital itself threatened the GEC personnel and forced them at gunpoint to never cut the power on their neighborhoods.     

Therefore, all of the residents in Tripoli had to find a power alternative, and thus they resorted to the hoarse-sounded generators, which you can find everywhere next to the shops, restaurants, houses and even public institutions, however; those power generators are not under everyone’s nose as they are expensive for many families and work owners, who like all Libyans are suffering from another crisis – lack of cash at the banks.