Happy ending for motorcyclist lost in desert

Happy ending for motorcyclist lost in desert

February 27, 2021 - 11:41
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A group of youth who traveled all the way to Kabaw city from their hometowns of Tripoli Tajoura and Sabha to enjoy the "The Kabaw Desert Rally" found themselves on a search and rescue mission tracing the trail of one of the contestants who lost his way during the race.

The Libya Observer spoke to one of these young men who told us that the concerns began late at night when the motorcyclist failed to make it to the finishing line or even turn out at any point.

The rally competition committee launched a searching operation with six cars and two ambulances, but everybody was into it -including contestants and fans- hoping desperately for a happy ending.

"The search was on all night, but it was until sunrise the next day that we managed to track the trail of his bike before we found him about 340 km away from the gathering point," the young man said.

"We followed the tracks and were relieved when spotting the bike, but when we approached the vehicle, it was clear that he had left it behind after running out of fuel and continued his way on foot," the young man added.

However, the motorcyclist drew a line with pieces of stones pointing to the direction he was heading, which made it easier for the searching team. He was found about 5 km away from where he left his motorcycle.