Dirj in oil-rich region opens first health centre in Awal province

Dirj in oil-rich region opens first health centre in Awal province

February 24, 2020 - 14:46
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Awal of Dirj Municipality located in one of the wealthiest regions of Libya opens its first health service in the town, in 2020.

The municipality situated on an ocean of oil in Ghadamis oasis, ought to have wealth and development corresponding to the Gulf States, on the contrary, it lacks the most basic services and infrastructure.

In a small ceremony, locals gathered to share their joyful moments, and government media was also there, to document this "achievement" which was implemented outside the state budget.

Dirj central school, a place of study for about 200 children, should have buildings, playgrounds, educational materials; instead, it’s a collection of tin shacks that have no chance in front of the winter flaw, or the stifling heat in the summer.

All this happens in an oil-rich country that started to exploit its oil riches virtually in the late sixties, with Muammar Gaddafi taking power.

During those years, Gaddafi squandered Libya's resources on his personal whims and illusions, victimizing and effecting many states across the globe and seeking new titles as "the Dean of Arab Leaders", "the Imam of the Muslims", and "the King of Kings of Africa", but Daraj like many other cities in Libya was completely outside his preoccupations.

Nine years after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime, Libya still feels the effects of his rule many see that his legacy and his destruction of the Libyan state institutions is one of the root causes of the instability Libya is experiencing today.



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