Leon's draft agreement sparks outrage as GNC votes on it

The GNC holds on Wednesday an extra-ordinary meeting to vote on the UNSMIL amendments on the fourth draft.

On Tuesday the dialogue team of GNC held extensive meetings with the different committees of GNC to review these amendments.

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NOC working to reopen closed oil fields, official says

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Monday that Libya’s production of crude oil is still stable as negotiations are underway for reopening the closed oil fields.

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Fatwa House bans court ruling annulment, allows abiding by international laws

Taking control of a Muslim country's sovereignty by another non-Muslim one is not allowed in Islam, the Fatwa House said on Tuesday.

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Misrata hosts 3729 displaced families, official says

3729 displaced families from across the country are living to Misrata, the Head of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in the Ministry of Social Affairs, has confirmed.

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Zuwara, Zintan sign peace agreement

Zuwara and Zintan signed a peace agreement on Monday.

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Tuareg, Tabu tribes reject constitution drafting committee

Representatives of Tuareg and Tabu tribes in the Constitution Drafting Assembly of Libya (CDAL) denounced Sunday their dismissal from the Constitution Preparation Committee (CPC).

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GNC dialogue team returns home for consultations on fourth draft amendments

The Head of GNC dialogue team, Saleh Al-Makhzoum, said on Sunday that amendments on the fourth UNSMIL draft will be taken to Libya for consultations with the GNC members.

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GNC Speaker reviews reactivating Derna institutions

The speaker of the General National Congress, Nuri Abu Sahmain, held Sunday in the GNC’s headquarters a meeting with the GNC Derna members.

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