Labreg airport security prevents Darnes team from travelling to Tripoli

Security personnel in Labreg airport prohibited Darnes team from travelling to Tripoli to participate in a friendly tournament in the coming days.

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Study resumed in Sabratha after a two-week halt

Study has been resumed in Sabratha city after stopping for two weeks over the clashes between the city’s military council and IS militias.

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UAE court frees 2 Libyan businessmen

A court in the UAE acquitted on Monday 2 Libyan businessmen who were charged with alleged terror funding.   

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Gunmen attack Criminal Investigations Department in Benghazi

Pro-Khalifa Haftar gunmen, locally known as Sahawat (awakening), attacked on Sunday the Criminal Investigations Department in Bohdimah district of Benghazi in retaliation for the killing of one of their fellow militants.

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Libya’s Al-Itihad beats Ghana’s Midiama at Orange CAF Confederation Cup

Tripoli-based Al-Itihad football club won 1-0 against Ghana’s Midiama football club in the first leg match of the second round of the CAF Confederation Cup at Al-Taieb Al-Maheiri stadium, Sfax Tunisia.

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Constitution Drafting Assembly member accuses UNSMIL of bias

The UNSMIL is merely a tool in the hands of a minority group that made it add to the conflicts between Libyans, encourage the dispute and disagreement among them, and motivates the delusions among others, said Mohammed Balrwein,

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