Derna Shura Council attacks IS

The Shura Council of Derna Mujahidin launched a massive attack on IS locations in the city today following the murder of senior Shura Council leader Nasir Al-Iker. Read More

Zintan, Kikla swap prisoners

Zintan and Kikla cities exchanged prisoners, in Al-Asaba town on Sunday, as part of the ongoing efforts t

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New round of national dialogue kicks off in Morocco

The dialogue team of the General National Congress has arrived in Morocco to participate in the Skhirat political dialogue sponsored by the UNSMIL.

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Libya gets gold medal, sets record in Arab Athletics Championships

Libyan disc thrower Ritaj Al-Sayah has set a new Arab record at the Arab Junior Athle

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Pro-Dignity Operation media tells lies to defame opponents

In one of its distorting reports, a pro-Dignity Operation online newspaper claimed that Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani is in favor of IS. Read More

Libya's electoral commission signs Arab elections charter

The High National Elections Commission signed the charter of the Arab Regional Organization of EMBs in Be

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Mayors meet to review dialogue process

Municipality Mayors and officials, with the presence of the Second Vice President of the General National Congress, Salah Al-Makhzoum and the Minister of Local Government, Muhannad Younis, held a meeting in Al-Waddan hotel in Tripoli to discuss th

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Security forces arrest 441 illegal immigrants

The Central Security Department (CSD), north Tripoli bureau, intercepted early today 441 illegal immigrants, including 12 women and children, from eight African countries.

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