Khalifa Haftar refused initiative to end fighting in Benghazi – Source

The commander of Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, has rejected an initiative by mediators to end fighting and stop bloodshed in the war-torn city, Mustafa El Sagezli, the General Manager of Libyan Program for Reintegr

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NCHR condemns execution of Dignity Operation prisoner

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya has strongly deplored the

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Gaddafi officer Ishkal killed in Ganfouda

Former regime officer Omer Ishkal was killed in the besieged neighbourhood of Ganfouda, Benghazi on Tuesday, Saraya Media has reported.

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Freed Filipino nurses repatriated from Libya

The Filipino nurses, who were rescued by Misrata-led forces during Sirte battle against ISIS last year, have been repatriated from Libya to the Philippines.

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HoR fails to select dialogue team due to parliament speaker’s bureaucracy

Chaos erupted inside Tobruk-based House of Representatives on Monday after MPs failed to select a new dialogue team to represent them in the forthcoming Libyan political dialogue meetings.

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Al-Jaafari wins Libyan Football Federation elections

The General Assembly of Libyan Football Federation elected Monday Jamal Al-Jaafari as the new Chairman of Libyan Football Federation (LFF).

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Last companion of Sheikh Omar Mukhtar died in east Libya

The last companion of Sheikh Omar Mukhtar, Abdul-Razaq Bu Al-Motarabiah Jilkhaf, died in east Libya on Sunday.

Jilkhaf died at the age of 112. He took part in many battles against the Italian colonists who occupied Libya in 1911.

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Bride dies of toxic henna in east Libya

A bride in the eastern city of Bayda died of henna poisoning on Sunday, local sources reported.

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