Sudan calls for activating agreements with Libya

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Sudan calls for activating agreements with Libya

September 20, 2021 - 11:19
Written by: SafaAlharathy

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam Al-Mehdi, has confirmed that her country is seeking to review all agreements signed with Libya with a view to activate them, notably the deals signed after the December Revolution in Sudan and the February 17 Revolution in Libya.

During a briefing on Saturday, in which she presented a report regarding the Sudanese diplomacy on regional and international files, including the situation in Libya, the Sudanese Minister said that the enormous universe of agreements had yielded scant results on the ground.

Despite the ties that bind the two nations in terms of neighbourhood, geographical and cultural overlap, and mutual interests, as well as the existence of institutional frameworks to legalize cooperation relations, the outcomes of the agreements remain below ambition, Al-Mehdi said in remarks published by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

She also stressed that Sudan continues to follow with concern the situation in Libya with its dire implications for the overall security of the Libyan people and the entire region, underscoring the need for Libya's neighbours to play a positive role during the transition phase.