Pro-Hafter commander arrested in Benghazi

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Pro-Hafter commander arrested in Benghazi

October 28, 2018 - 11:41
Written by: SafaAlharathy

Major General Salem al-Rafadi

A source close to the commander of the operations room, Omar Al-Mukhtar, which led the war on Derna, Major General Salem al-Rafadi, confirmed his arrest by the military police of Hafter's forces, from his home in Benghazi a few days ago.

The source said that al-Rafadi was heading to Egypt via Benina International Airport, but a verbal altercation with the security guards and the military police at the airport made him cancel his travel and return to his home in Benghazi

Hours later, a force from Al-Rajma camp - the HQ of Hafter- arrived at his home and led him to an unknown destination.