News Roundup - Thu, Nov 30, 2017

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News Roundup - Thu, Nov 30, 2017

November 30, 2017 - 22:20
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The Brega Oil Marketing Company has stated that the long queues at filling stations is beginning to disappear and should end soon as refuelling of the stations was doubled.

The company added that the reason for the build up at the stations was the delay in fuel tankers reaching the sea ports after a delay in financial dues.

It confirmed on Wednesday that a fuel tanker had arrived at Misrata sea port carrying over 32 million liters of fuel, and has pumped a shipment of 10 million liters to the Tripoli fuel depot from the Zawiyah refinery, which equates to the fact that there is more than enough fuel for the city of Tripoli and neighbouring cities.


The Chairman of the Presidential Council, Fayez Sarraj, has met with the EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini to discuss developments of the political and security situation in Libya.

According to Sarraj’s media office, the talks dealt with the capacity strengthening program for the migration and coastguard sectors, in addition to the political and security situations of Libya.

The meeting between Sarraj and Mugherini came on the sidelines of the 5th African Union -European Union Summit held on Wednesday in the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education in Tripoli held a workshop focusing on the development of primary stage education curricula.

Those present at the meeting included the Minister of Education, Othman Abdel-Jalil, a number of educational curricula experts, advisory committees and re-examination committees.

They discussed ways on how to develop the current educational curricula before the beginning of the next academic year and consideration of the teaching of English as a subject starting from first grade. They also looked into the study plan and the extension of the period of time for the academic year to 36 weeks.

Also on the table of discussions was the possible use of teacher support to aid in revising homework. Other proposals for curriculum development were also discussed.


Libya’s liberal political party, the National Forces Alliance (NFA), held a meeting in Tripoli on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Mahmoud Jibril.

The meeting was the first to be held by the political party in Tripoli since 2014 after leaving the capital on the pretext of "militia control".

The NFA media office stated that the meeting discussed the latest developments in the country and the internal affairs of the party.

The media office also pointed out that the leaders of the party met on Tuesday with some of the military, security and social leaders in Tripoli to discuss the political situation, especially the illegal immigration issue and proposed solutions and programs to improve compatibility between the influential players on the ground.


Algeria has decided to grant new humanitarian assistance to Libya to residents of border areas.

The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Tuesday that the aid to the people of the border areas is an extension of the ongoing solidarity work by Algeria towards Libya in order to help the population meet some of their urgent basic needs.

Algeria has provided 30 tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of Libya along the border with Algeria, according to a statement issued by the Algerian Foreign Ministry in February 2017. 


The 3rd edition of Libya's exhibition of olives and olive oil was inaugurated on Monday, November 27, at the Tripoli International Fairground under the supervision of the Export Development Authority.

The event was attended by a large number of official and private agricultural entities, and organizations, including the regional representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO.

The three-day exhibition included 95 pavilions displaying products of farmers and owners of olive trees from 22 different regions in Libya.

The exhibition aimed to encourage the cultivation of olive in Libya and attract local companies and olive mill owners to register with the exporters’ list that would allow them to benefit from the support provided by Export Development Center for export.


The Joint Security Room in Zliten city has arrested a number of illegal immigrants hiding in a building in the Jihad district of the city.

The commander of the Joint Security Room, Colonel Shaaban bin Hariz, said that the number of arrested migrants was 125, 104 of them were men and 21 women.

The nationalities of those captured are Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Ivory Coast.

They were equipped with life jackets and ready to leave the building at any moment to be smuggled across the sea to Europe.


The Ministry of Transport has announced the completion of the contract for the implementation of the first stage of the road connecting the cities of Emsad and Marj town in east Libya.

The contract comes within the highway project, which is designed to connect Emsaad in the far east of Libya with Ras Ajdair to the west.

The Minister of Transport, Milad Matouq held discussions with the Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Perrone regarding the latest developments on the project, according to the Ministry`s Information Office on Wednesday.

The committee on the project explained that the project is divided into four stages, and that besides contracting for the implementation of the first one, the committee had also talked about the completion of designs for the fourth stage between Misrata and Ras Ajdair.


The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Serraj has told the African Union- European Union Summit attendees in Abidjan that Libya is not the criminal but the victim of the human trafficking, slamming the reports about slave markets in the country as implausible and irrelevant to the Libyan culture and principles.

Al-Serraj said Wednesday that illegal immigration is a shared concern to all countries including Libya, adding that over 2.000.000 African workers used to work in the country legally before the current conflict tears Libya apart.





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