Much needed fuel begins to arrive in Sabha

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Much needed fuel begins to arrive in Sabha

April 28, 2018 - 14:12
Written by: HousamNajjair

Brega Oil Marketing Company confirmed that they were able to deliver fuel to Sabha petrol stations on Thursday after a long period of suspension due to armed militias preventing the entry of the trucks.

The manager of the southern branch of the company, Amer Adly, said that the fuel trucks made their way through Ziraai road after being secured by relevant authorities.

Adly added that they postponed the distribution of gas to the depots of the city because of the continued turmoil in the city`s security situation, but they are likely to be distributed next week.

It is worth noting that a group of gunmen prevented fuel trucks from entering the city last Wednesday, except for trucks dedicated to supplying bakeries and the Water and Sanitation Company, according to Adly.