Ministry of Oil reviews needs of southern Libya

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Ministry of Oil reviews needs of southern Libya

May 10, 2021 - 02:29
Written by: RabiaGolden

The Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohamed Aoun, held discussions with the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ahmed Houmeh, along with two further members of Parliament for the Southern region, Abd Al-Salam Al-Murabit and Al-Hadi Al-Saghir, regarding important files relating to the southern region of the country.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Oil, all attendees discussed various topics, being summarized as the settlement of the Zalllaf Company in the city of Sabha, the acceleration of the establishment of a refinery in southern Libya, the training and employment of young graduates, particularly those specializing in the oil and gas industry.

Also discussed was the establishment of an oil institute in the south of Libya and the safe transportation of fuel and cooking gas to meet the needs of citizens in the south of the country.

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