Living conditions in Derna are “catastrophic”, official warns

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Living conditions in Derna are “catastrophic”, official warns

May 20, 2018 - 12:57
Written by: SafaAlharathy

A member of Derna People’s Gathering, Huwaidi Al-Qaziri, said that the humanitarian situation in Derna is "catastrophic" after Dignity Operation forces closed the city's entrances completely and prevented the entry of any food supplies to the city.

In a statement to Tanasuh TV on Saturday, Al-Qaziri said that electricity in Derna was cut off after the main power lines were hit during the fighting between Derna Protection Force and Dignity Operation forces, underlining that the population in the city are left without food, electricity, water and money.

The city's hospital has also closed several sections, including the maternity ward due to the lack of medical supplies, he stated.

Al-Qaziri sent an urgent plea to all Libyan people to intervene and save the lives of more than 130.000 people.