GNU: We seek to impose order in the south of the Country

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GNU: We seek to impose order in the south of the Country

July 11, 2021 - 00:39
Written by: RabiaGolden

The Deputy Prime Minister, Ramadan Abu Janah, confirmed on Saturday, July 10, that the Government of National Unity (GNU) seeks to impose security in the southern region, along with allocating a budget in order to establish development projects, which are aimed at contributing to the raising of standards of living in the region for citizens.

Abu Janah, during his participation in a meeting held by the people of southern Tripoli, stated that the unity of Libya would not be achieved until the unity of Fezzan is achieved, referring to the great challenges facing the southern region and the threat of insecurity and its consequences, which directly affect the entire Libyan territory.

For his part, the Vice Chairman of the Presidential Council (PC) Moussa Al-Koni, stressed that all authority should be given to the Deputy Prime Minister in order to give him the necessary powers to implement reforms in the region and to unite all ranks throughout Fezzan to help advance the region, both economically and politically, as he put it.