Former MP slams Egypt and UAE for meddling in Libya

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Former MP slams Egypt and UAE for meddling in Libya

May 12, 2018 - 14:12
Written by: HousamNajjair

Former member of House of Representatives, Mustafa Abu Shagour, said that Egyptian intelligence wants to create a military regime in Libya and have put their bet on the commander of the Dignity Operation forces, Khalifa Haftar, to achieve their goal.

In an interview with Arabipost website on Thursday, Abu Shagour ruled out that Haftar would be successful in setting up a military system because of the absence of an army in Libya capable of extending its control over the entire country.

Abu Shagour stressed that Egyptian intelligence is active in the eastern region of the country and that both Egypt and the UAE are supporting Haftar with money and military equipment to thwart the Arab Spring.

He pointed out that there are European countries such as France, Britain, and perhaps even America that partially support him as Haftar has hijacked the slogan of fighting terrorism, although there is no clear definition of the terrorism, according to  Abu Shagour.