Fire Engulfs Two Oil Tanks In Al-Fidaa Field

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Fire Engulfs Two Oil Tanks In Al-Fidaa Field

February 22, 2016 - 20:19
Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said that two oil tanks were set ablaze in Al-Fidaa oil field in eastern Libya.

The NOC explained in a statement that employees from Al-Zwiteena oil company who live next to where the fire broke out told it about the incident saying that they had seen flames coming out of the filed Thursday evening.

Later, the NOC made sure that two crude oil tanks, each of which has a capacity for 20 thousand barrels, in Al-Fidaa filed were burning, pointing that they only were filled with 500 barrels when they were on fire.

“The reason why the two oil tanks had only 500 barrels inside is because of the vandalism and stealing acts that are carried out by armed groups constantly.

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