Egypt agrees to new appointment of the Libyan Consul

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Egypt agrees to new appointment of the Libyan Consul

April 26, 2018 - 14:48
Written by: HousamNajjair

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has placed Saleh al-Saadi of the government of the Presidential Council as acting Consul General at the Libyan Consulate in Alexandria.

A statement issued by the ministry said Tuesday that al-Saadi will serve as acting Consul General for the maximum period of four years.

Local media said that Egyptian authorities had expressed their dissatisfaction with the appointment of Adel al-Hassi as Consul General of Libya in Alexandria. The source added that Egypt had reservations with al-Hassi because of his relations with Islamic groups that Cairo categorizes as “terrorist.”

Egyptian authorities asked Libya to reconsider the assignment of al-Hassi, which justifies thier silence regarding the earlier attack on the Consulate by a government official from the east.