Dbeibah launches “Libya Build” exhibition in Tripoli

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Dbeibah launches “Libya Build” exhibition in Tripoli

October 05, 2021 - 23:48
Written by: RabiaGolden

The Prime Minister (PM) of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, launched the “Libya Build” exhibition, for the year 2021, which took place at the Fairgrounds in Tripoli city.

This event took place on Monday, where he inspected the stand of the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, where he met with the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mohamed Al-Faqih and the Undersecretary for Production Affairs at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Mustafa Al-Sammo, according to the company’s statement on its Facebook page.

It was noted that in excess of 200 local companies are expected to participate in the exhibition, including 127 companies specializing in the field of building and construction, along with a further 300 foreign companies.

The exhibition is set to continue until next Thursday and it is expected to host approximately 14,000 visitors by its conclusion date.