Culture Authority opens ‘The Bride of the Sea’ Forum in Tripoli

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Culture Authority opens ‘The Bride of the Sea’ Forum in Tripoli

July 16, 2020 - 10:42
Written by: RabiaGolden

The General Authority for Culture hosted “The Bride of the Sea”, (Arous Al-Bahr) Forum, at the Astronomy Dome (Gobba Falakia) on Tuesday, with a lecture titled ‘Reading in internet times’.

At this event, the Culture Authority presented Professor Ramiz Al-Nuwaisiri, who discussed the concept of reading, saying, “it is an intellectual process by the reader to understand and comprehend the written text and the intended message in the writings, it is also a collaborative process between the writer and the reader and is considered a quest to obtain information, and improve knowledge.”

Al-Nuwaisiri in his oration, also discussed the stages lading to the use of e-books, pointing to the various methods of reading and indeed the principles of reading itself, adding that the ‘book’ alone is no longer the only source of knowledge and data, but that radio, television and satellite broadcasting no longer depends on reading alone, but the use of the ear, eye and all of the senses combined.

The lecture concluded with Al-Nuwaisiri presenting the technical data and numbers on the significance of the ‘reality of reading itself.’