Swine flu no longer hazardous for public health, authorities confirm

Swine flu no longer hazardous for public health, authorities confirm

February 06, 2016 - 19:47
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Director of the National Center for Diseases Control, Basheer Al-Najjar, has said that samples from patients with flu have been taken and analyzed in the center’s laboratories and thus proved free of Coronavirus and other than the seasonal influenza viruses. 

He added that some of the cases that came to hospitals lately were diagnosed positive for seasonal influenza viruses and other two cases proved to have contracted the swine flu, which has become one kind of the seasonal flu virus family and is no longer a threat to public health, according to Dr. Al-Najjar. 

Meanwhile, the National Center has issued a statement announcing the death of a baby due to the swine flu virus in Al-Jala hospital in Tripoli, besides another infected baby that is still alive in the intensive care unit, let alone the two cases with severe pneumonitis from whom the doctors did not took samples for analysis.

“All hospitals and medical centers must provide the treatment necessary for the patients doubted to be contracting swine flu virus, as we in the center have already taken preventive measures to fight these seasonal influenza viruses by providing the needed vaccinations in most of the hospitals.” The statement reads.