Libyan parallel Health Ministry suspects three Coronavirus cases

Libyan parallel Health Ministry suspects three Coronavirus cases

March 14, 2020 - 21:10
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Health Minister of the Libyan parallel government in eastern region, Saad Agoub, said they had registered three suspected cases of Coronavirus for people coming from Italy, Iran and Egypt, saying the World Health Organization is now aware of the Italian case that is being isolated in a quarantine in one of the oil fields.

Agoub said in a presser on Saturday that the three possible COVID-19 cases were put for healthcare procedures, saying if any case tested positive, they would announce it immediately.

He indicated that laboratory testing for the Coronavirus are being done in Libya at Kuwifiya Hospital, adding that the Health Ministry in eastern Libya decided to pay medics and paramedics at the intensive care units and quarantines high wages for the risk they are taking.

Meanwhile, social media users said the son of Benghazi mayor had been put in a quarantine after showing Coronavirus symptoms after he came back from Iran.

A social media account for oil sector news in Libya said that a foreign engineer arrived recently in the country from Italy and showed Coronavirus symptoms, adding that he is now in a quarantine at Amal oilfield; some 140 km to the south of Ajdabiya.