Health Ministry discusses National Vaccination Program in Tunisia

Health Ministry discusses National Vaccination Program in Tunisia

March 13, 2016 - 17:44
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Ministry of Health in the Salvation Government held a meeting in Tunisia and discussed the National Vaccination Program and the strategic plan it has got for replacing the triple vaccine for polio to the double vaccine, which is a strategy to be applied in 156 countries all over the world by the end of next April.

Sponsored by the World Health Organization, the meeting was headed by Health Ministry’s Deputy, Dr. Khalid Al-Taleb, in the presence of the WHO’s delegate in Libya, the regional manager of UNICEF and the UN-Habitat program’s director.

The media office of the Health Ministry indicated that the meeting attendees agreed on plenty of new measures such as providing a million and 500 thousand doses of polio vaccines by the UNICEF to support the campaign aimed at resolving the polio vaccination issue during April, besides the logistic and financial backup for the campaign that will be provided by the WHO.

“The Ministry clarified some of the inaccurate information that the WHO has received about the vaccination issue in Libya and backed it up with official documents in addition to the financial and other hardships that the ministry is going through when buying medicines.” The media office added.

During the meeting, the Disease Fight Center had signed a memorandum of cooperation with the WHO and the UNICEF to help develop the Libyan medical crews in 2016-2017 to help them develop a better mechanism of buying vaccines, develop the vaccination schedule and strengthen the communication between the Health Ministry institutions.