Education Ministry reviews financial difficulties facing Libyan students abroad

Education Ministry reviews financial difficulties facing Libyan students abroad

July 18, 2020 - 16:54
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The Ministry of Education held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the financial and administrative difficulties facing Libyan students abroad.

The meeting which took place at the ministry’s HQ included the Director of the Attachments and Delegates Affairs Department, Ahmed Al-Banouni and Chairman of the Salary Rationalization Committee at the Ministry of Finance, Hussein Al-Daisi.

According to a statement by the Education Ministry, the meeting dealt with the obstacles facing the students who have closed their file in the Department of Attaches and Delegates Affairs regarding returning the salary value to what it was before they started their studies abroad.

The ministry clarified that it has agreed with the committee formed for this purpose to set a future mechanism that would facilitate procedures regarding the restoration of the salary amount.

"The Attachments and Delegations Affairs Department will provide the salary rationalization committee with the data of the delegated students who have completed their studies or have exhausted their period of dispatch, including any extensions obtained by the student," the ministry explained, noting that the committee will also be provided with the discounts owed by students who did not obtain the degree for which they were dispatched for, due to reasons of their own.