Political fragmentation casts shadows on Afirqiyah Airways work

Political fragmentation casts shadows on Afirqiyah Airways work

November 10, 2016 - 18:43
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A number of employees at the Afriqiyah Airways organized a sit-in at the company’s headquarters in Tripoli to demand reopening of the Afriqiyah Airways offices and resumption of work.

The company’s offices were shut and employees had been told to remain at home after the assault on the offices last week.

According to the Afriqiyah Airways website, the assault was stimulated by the current conflict between the Salvation Government-appointed administration and that appointed by the UN-proposed government, leading to the shutdown of the company’s offices.

“The issue should not aggravate and reach a point where assaults are carried out on the company’s offices, disallowing the employees from going to their jobs.” The CEO of the Afriqiyah Airways, Abu Bakir Al-Furtiya, indicated.

Al-Furtiya added that all parties should respect the law and the judiciary as well as the sovereign institutions and implement whatever decisions they have made.

The UN-proposed government’s Presidential Council told last week some of the relevant parties about the assault and asked for an end to the administrative conflict, pointing out that the administration it appointed is the legal body for the Afriqiyah Airways company, knowing that the reason of the conflict is a decision made by the Salvation Government to appoint Kablan as the CEO in 2015.