Libyan-Egyptian businesspersons gathering proposes resuming flights and trade

Libyan-Egyptian businesspersons gathering proposes resuming flights and trade

October 13, 2018 - 22:15
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan-Egyptian businesspersons gathering has recommended easing visa requirements for Libya and Egypt's citizens, opening borders and airports for travel and flights by permitting Egyptian and Libyan airliners to have flights in Libyan and Egyptian airports alike.

The gathering that took place on 9-11/10/2018 proposed canceling the security clearance obligation for Egyptian workers who wish to go to Libya, recommending also facilitating the passage of people, trade trucks and other commodities between Libya and Egypt.

They also called for establishing Libya-Egypt Work and Money Forum so it helps the businesspersons from both countries to cooperate effectively.

"We call on the General Union of Egyptian Commerce Chambers to visit Libya with a delegation of businesspersons soon to have the second gathering in Tripoli." The recommendations read.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Libyan General Union of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chambers Mohammed Al-Reid said it is time Libya opened up for investment cooperation with neighboring countries.

"We are reviewing possible efforts to involve some neighboring countries' businesspersons in rebuilding Libya." Al-Reid added.

About 300 Libyan and Egyptian businesspersons took part in the Libyan-Egyptian gathering in Cairo.